John Fairhurst, Guitarist

Nearly thirty years ago, the riveting sensation known as guitarist John Fairhurst began his journey that would lead him to the place where he is today, and farther down the path that he continues to travel. As a child John’s father led him into slide blues, where he first began to be interested in music. At eight years old, Fairhurst was introduced to Indian Classical music by the Indian Sarod master, K. Sridah. This event became a turning point in his life, which kick-started his progression into the world of music. He was inspired by the master musician’s exciting passion and the intensity of the man’s music. Even as a young boy, John recognized the rareness of what he had witnessed, and sought to pursue the same dreams of musical fluency. It was this dream which led to his learning to play the guitar, at which it was discovered that he was a natural born genius.

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A few short years after meeting K. Sridah, he widened his horizons- and his perspective- in a trek to southern Asia, immersing himself in the culture of the people. The soft yet deeply passionate nature of their music influenced his playing as well as his mentality. As he continued to travel the world, the people groups he met with were yet another ingredient to add to his music, filling it with dynamic personality and full-bodied expression.

Upon returning from that first trip, he met up and reconnected with his old guru, K. Sridah. Impressed by the young man’s obvious talent and stirred by his infectious passion not only for music but also for culture, K. Sridah generously invited him to discuss being a musician and what it takes, as well as the new perspective he had gotten from the journey. Humbled by the opportunity to converse his favorite subject with such a capable master, Fairhurst happily accepted.

Fairhurst’s music style jumps from gypsy jazz, Bangkok blues, and Indian raga. With his wide range of music and masterful playing style in each, it is difficult to classify him into any particular genre. Rather, the man creates his own niche in the market, a perfect blend of culture and humanity, one that thrives with vitality and richness.

In his travels John Fairhurst gained a reputation as an excellent musician, scoring gigs with all sorts of people, indiscriminate of class or race. His journey was more than a tour to gain acclaim; it was a learning experience. At each stop, he studied the musical culture of the populace, adding to his repertoire of music.

When he returned to his hometown of Wigan, situated in the rolling green hills of England, the young musician set to work applying all that he had learned. Working with a few close friends to help with production, he blended all the styles that he had learned into one stunning debut album, “Joys of Spring.” In this album, John’s talent clearly shows through as he carefully combines each style in a blend that easily slides from one to the next with nary a pause, a contrasting intermingling that is complementary and unique.

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